Vision & Values

Our Vision

Our founders set out to create a destination for the industry’s top talent – professionals with a passion for helping sophisticated organizations articulate their unique value, build meaningful relationships and grow to their full potential.

Our Values

Our Core Values are a simple distillation of what we aspire to everyday.


Work Hard
We are fulfilled and energized by embracing serious work on serious issues and achieving results that exceed expectations.

Fail Forward
Unless we take risks, go beyond our comfort zones and learn from our missteps, we’re unlikely to fulfill our potential. Those who fail to take risks will fail to grow. 

Be Authentic
Being good and ethical communicators means we listen first, with empathy, and seek to understand each other, our clients and the world around us. Be, don’t just seem.

Embrace Curiosity and Drive Creative Thinking
We support an intellectual curiosity driven by a thirst for information and desire to continuously learn, grow and challenge conventions.

Grow as Individuals and as a Team
Our talent develops in teams. It is supported by teams and it contributes to the teams’ success. By having one anothers’ backs, we grow as individuals, as a company and as a partner to our clients.



These are more than platitudes that we slap onto conference-room posters – our team lives our values every day. Behavior that exhibits our values gets recognized and rewarded, visibly and publicly, through our value-chip program. It allows anyone on the team to reward a colleague for demonstrating one of these values when they see it.

Simply giving value chips earns the giver chips – for exhibiting Grow as Individuals and as a Team – and value-chip totals play a role in our performance reviews.

We also recognize those who embrace these values through our Green Lantern Award.