Standing out in a crowded field: A nonprofit's 25th anniversary campaign

Case Study


Going into its 25th year, a nonprofit organization sought to scale its program and increase funding to reach new markets and youth in need of its programs.


Developed plan to re-energize the organization’s board and provide direction for the coming year

Assisted with development of various content pieces for the organization


Greentarget developed the organization’s first-ever communications strategy, designed to clarify and streamline the different programs’ messaging and history, as well as initiate formal fundraising efforts.

  • Researched the crowded non-profit space to understand the organization’s profile and donor competition
  • Developed a comprehensive marketing communications plan — which included marketing materials, a social media campaign and media outreach — to capitalize on the organization’s success
  • Developed messaging around the organization’s focus on addressing the systemic issues facing students in the communities, its 25 years of success without any fundraising, and its dedicated team