Green Lantern Awards

Recognizing great performance early and often

With a team like ours, we know that somebody is doing something extraordinary every day. Maybe it’s a creative breakthrough on a tough project, or maybe it’s just a humorous quip that eases a client’s nerves before a tense call with a reporter.

We also know that at most firms these extraordinary moments often go unrecognized, especially by senior leadership, who can’t possibly be aware of every successful moment. That’s why we created the Green Lantern program. It allows everybody on the team to reward a peer for outstanding work.

We give the team full discretion in handing out Green Lanterns – they can be given to anyone, for any achievement deemed worthy of recognition by a coworker. The award is real – a $25 bonus, in the form of an gift card – as is the recognition that comes with it. Green Lanterns are awarded at our weekly all-staff meetings.

Every three months our founders look at all the Green Lanterns awarded that quarter and choose the one that impresses them most, awarding that team member an extra PTO day.

Our team works so hard, and smart, every day. They shouldn’t have to wait until performance reviews to be recognized or rewarded.