On the 3rd Day of Social Media…

This article was originally published by the Legal Marketing Association

It’s the 3rd day of Social Media! Your special treat: an interview with Greentarget’s Kevin Iredell.

1. What’s the next big thing in social media marketing for law firms in 2016?

Video. There are more and more devices that are video capable, and most of us are already comfortable with things like Skype and Facetime so it’s only a matter of time. Firms should be looking to master this skill now (posting recorded clips and soundbites as part of a bigger social media presence for example) so that they can be ready to take full advantage of new video apps and enhancements to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook (to name a few) that are sure to come. Firms will need to change the way that their content is approved and be more nimble in getting in front of relevant current events and developments that are germane to their practices. Gone are the days when lawyers can spend a week or two drafting a client alert about a recent decision to email to their marketing list. They need to be able to “go live” at a moment’s notice.

2. Who do you see doing social media marketing right, and what can others learn from them?

Marriott. There’s a great article in Contently about how Marriott has declared that they are a media company now. They didn’t start out with the “What’s our social media strategy going to be?” They started out with a better question: “How do we best engage with our clients?”

I think firms can learn a lot from that.

3. What’s the biggest challenge for law firms trying to be active in the social media space, and how can they overcome it?

I’m going to generalize for a second. I think that for the most part firms need to be a little friendlier in their social media efforts. Social media is less formal than traditional media, so while a firm may try to come across as proper and conservative, they may actually look stodgy and out of touch. I would advise firms to experiment, measure and track to find a voice that resonates with their clients and prospects.

Kevin has spent the past two decades building a career in B2B and the legal industry, leading efforts in research, marketing, business development and communications.

He has a passion for deep sea fishing, and makes an effort to fish the ocean at least once a month — even during the bitter cold winter.