• Brandon Copple Director of Content & Editorial Strategy

  • His Passion: Inspiring for Results

Brandon has spent his career sharpening his editorial skills to become an accomplished and successful communications and marketing professional.

After a career working for some of the world’s most respected news outlets, Brandon brings his passion for journalistic storytelling to Greentarget’s clients.

Brandon served as editor and writer at some of the nation’s top consumer business publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Crain’s Chicago Business. He has also led teams of renowned journalists, launched and managed major news websites, managed one of the largest content-marketing teams ever assembled and advised business and law firm clients on content strategy, creation and production.

Today he consults with business leaders, helping them find the sweet spot where their insights and their constituents’ needs intersect, and then creating a content strategy to support their goals.

When not at work, Brandon can be found tooling around Chicago, where he lives with his twin daughters. He spends his spare time enjoying neighborhood theater, live readings and drink specials around the city.

What gives me purpose in my work?

Storytelling. Stories are the thread that stitches our world together — through stories we relate and interpret our experience, express our beliefs and points of view, share information and insights.

I am captivated by the process of identifying a story, understanding every aspect of it and crafting the words and images that connect it to an audience.