Earned Media Influence

The media landscape is constantly shifting, and news organizations are in the midst of disruption that would have been unthinkable not long ago. Journalists are under the constant pressure of tight deadlines and demands to produce content online and through social media.

While Americans are consuming news in evolving ways – nine out of 10 adults now get their news online – there isn’t less interest in news in general. We’re seeing explosive growth in digital journalism, with emerging outlets and many traditional news companies adding resources and staff.

As a result, earned media will continue to be a preferred way for B2B and professional services companies to enhance their reputations and direct smarter conversations with key stakeholders.​

Known by clients and colleagues as guardians of the lost art of media relations, we keep a close watch on the changes to the media landscape so we can  adapt with it. We pride ourselves on offering reporters reputable spokespeople who add value and depth to their stories – which, in turn, forges strong relationships with these journalists who return to us time and time again.

It is through this process that clients get the third-party validation they need to turn a quote into measurable business impact.​

Greentarget’s media relations capabilities include:​

  • Media strategy and positioning​
  • Media training​
  • Creative, results-driven implementation, including: ​
  • Story development fueled by market intelligence​
  • Media roundtables​
  • Targeted publishing campaigns, including bylines and op-eds​
  • Coverage of branded research and content​
  • Media campaigns focused on industry sectors​
  • Growth and outlook/feature story development​
  • Leadership editorial campaigns​
  • Breaking news analysis and positioning​
  • Maximizing organizational milestones, including strategic growth moves, major transactions, CSR accomplishments, and pro bono and community service​
  • Message pull-through analysis​
  • Media relations support​