Managing a crisis in the financial industry: Association faced audit review in light of scandal

Case Study


An association wanted to rebuild its reputation in the marketplace following an industry scandal, with a goal of positioning itself as proactive and highlighting the leadership role it plays in addressing timely issues.


Limited to a single day, coverage included national and local press.

Numerous outlets used language directly from the press release, including that the association conducted its audits appropriately.


To exert control over the tenor of and the public’s reaction to the scandal coverage, Greentarget presented the audit review results transparently — emphasizing the key findings that the association performed its audits competently, while acknowledging that more might have been done.

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  • Developed a proactive media outreach strategy aimed at managing the tenor of coverage.
  • Targeted specific journalists at relevant national and trade publications.
  • Granted a key reporter an advance interview and copy of the review.
  • Monitored social media and mainstream media outlets for any negative mentions of the association.