Management Consulting in the Trump Era: A Promising Outlook

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Saying that we live in an era of information overload is almost an absurd understatement. Audiences are constantly bombarded with news and content from brand, media and social channels, and the noise has reached record levels due to the major geopolitical and macroeconomic events of the past year.

But the current environment provides some significant opportunities, according to our latest research undertaking, the 2017 Management Consulting Outlook.

The report’s release comes as information access is nearing a crescendo – and the barriers of entry for contributors have never been lower. But this democratization has made it very difficult to locate and distill the right information that audiences need.

In the report, we’ve tried to make it a little easier for everyone while canvassing the landscape ourselves and digging into key issues. Our findings are the culmination of the intelligence we regularly gather to augment what we’re hearing directly from clients and other influencers. They also reflect our ongoing efforts to help position professional services firms with regard to the future direction of their respective industries.

There are many macro trends and forces shaping the delivery of consulting services, including the internal and external pressures firms face. The report pulls from multiple industry sources and perspectives and provides a tight summary of the important themes and industry implications, including:

  • Industries Ripe for Management Consulting Services
  • New Growth Opportunities Amid Government Shakeup
  • Drying Talent Pool Compels Firms to Evolve
  • The Uberization of Consultants: Freelance and Network-Based Models
  • Boutiques Stealing Market Share From Stalwarts
  • Proliferation of Digital Drives Cost-Savings

For further information, check out the full 2017 Management Consulting Outlook.

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