Greentarget Expands Research Capabilities with Addition of Kevin Iredell

It won’t surprise readers of this blog that we are big proponents of research. Given the fragmented media environment and the era of information overload  in which we find ourselves, we believe research offers an effective pathway to a compelling point-of-view that strengthens the thought leadership platforms and credentials of professional services organizations. We know first-hand that robust and highly relevant research can effectively position firms as change agents within their industries. The ability to assess stakeholder thoughts, attitudes and perceptions in a real-time fashion can drive the generation of quality content and enhance media visibility and overall reputation within the marketplace.
GreenTarget_Kevin16330As our clients strive to solidify themselves as thought leaders on critical issues, and in order to meet the increasing demand for research-based thought leadership, we are excited to announce that Kevin Iredell has joined Greentarget as Director of Research, formalizing an offering that has always been a part of the fabric of the firm.

Kevin, who has led the research business at American Lawyer Media for the past seven years, will be instrumental in developing a full-service offering that encompasses both quantitative and qualitative research. In particular, he will lead baseline brand and perception audits to inform and guide strategic communications programs with measurable impact. He will also leverage focus groups and stakeholder interviews to uncover qualitative perspectives and insights. Most importantly, his work will complement the firm’s earned media and content offerings, allowing it to create powerful thought leadership campaigns that can be leveraged to drive traditional media coverage.

You can read more about Kevin’s addition to the team at GorkanaBulldog Reporter and Media Bistro.