Special Situation & Crisis Communications

Protecting reputation during the most critical times

After more than a decade serving as the primary communications counsel to many of the world’s most sophisticated businesses, we’ve come to recognize the crack of urgency – sometimes verging on panic –in our clients’ voices when a lawsuit, crisis or extraordinary issue arises. We understand all the ways these special situations, be they unexpected wins or unforeseen predicaments bringing change and conflict, can impact reputation.

So what constitutes a special situation? By our definition, a special situation is any issue or event that lies outside of the ordinary course of business and has the potential to affect how key stakeholders perceive the company.  Merger or new service announcements are typical affirmative examples of special situations. Lawsuits, operational issues, government investigations and corporate disputes are the kinds of events that can have adverse reputational consequences. A crisis is an extreme form of a special situation.

Our counselors have decades of experience preparing and managing the entire spectrum of special situations and crises for our sophisticated clientele.

Stakes are highest and control lowest when a crisis hits. However, when the cycle is viewed in its entirety (before, during and after), prevention, preparation and learning can improve our clients’ ability to properly communicate at the onset of the situation and to speed the reparation process once the situation has diminished.

Prepation for a Special Situation

Anticipation and preparation can save precious time when a difficult situation or crisis occurs and the questions start pouring in. Relying on time-tested tactics, Greentarget has created a protocol to build and develop the organizational resources that a company will need when a possibility becomes reality.


Our inaugural litigation communications survey demonstrates the acute need for greater preparation, and shows how proper precautions can save companies from substantial reputational harm and years of damage control.

Triaging and Managing Through a Special Situation

When a special situation occurs, the designated team should assemble and activate the relevant scenario protocol. If your organization has an outdated protocol, or none at all, then our proven framework can be implemented to establish a proper communication strategy quickly and responsively.


Greentarget employs these battle-tested methodologies to guide businesses through delicate situations.  Our experienced counselors provide strategic communications advice through the lifecycles of distinct operational and financial matters, business issues, litigation or investigations.