Content Development

Developing editorial strategies, deploying corporate journalism

Organizations today have a unique opportunity to bolster their reputations by delivering insights and intelligence directly to the audiences they value most. Whether that delivery occurs over a firm’s own blogs, in regular client-alert emails or in a traditional media publication, it’s crucial for any organization to tell stories that are relevant and accessible. That’s why we use corporate journalism, a practice that combines an organization’s proprietary expertise with the factual rigor and narrative techniques of traditional journalism, to help our clients produce content that aligns with their own business goals and what their audience needs to know.

Our capabilities include:

  • Content audits
  • Primary research reports
  • White papers
  • Op-ed campaigns
  • Engaging editorial series
  • Branded event coverage
  • Journalistic video segments
  • Digital news sites
  • Blog development and support
  • Social media-optimized content