2017: The Year of Information Overload

In this, our sixth State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey, we at Greentarget and our colleagues at Zeughauser Group asked in-house counsel if

they have a problem with information overload. Nearly 100 percent of respondents confirmed what we’d long believed — information overload is a widespread, frustrating problem.

And yet law firms continue to produce more and more content – even though three out of four still lack documented strategies to guide their work. These findings continue the trend lines we’ve seen in recent years — despite some progress around the edges — and we think it’s time for law firms to set a new course.

This year’s report also provides guidance on what law firms should do to make their most compelling insights and perspectives heard in the current environment, based on our experience at Greentarget and Zeughauser Group — and on the expertise of law firm marketers who are fighting the good fight and learning what it takes to stand out in a sea of noise.

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