2016 Litigation Communications Survey

Inaugural Report Probes Senior Legal Counsel on Communications in High-Profile Litigation

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Greentarget’s Litigation Communication Survey.report1

We asked senior legal officers of major corporations the value they ascribe to external communications during high-profile litigation.  We examined the actions they have taken to mitigate the reputational risks their companies face in those situations.

The vast majority of respondents say they consider communications important during lawsuits.  Surprisingly, even as they report involvement in at least one high-profile lawsuit in the past year, the majority of our respondents either have an outdated plan or no communications plan at all in place for these situations.

This lack of preparation leads to overly conservative communications, the survey shows, with impulsive decisions and actions that are often governed by the fear of negative media attention. Ironically, these instincts can compound the likelihood of reputational damage.

This is an opportunity not only for senior corporate counsel, but for their outside legal counsel as well.  This vicious cycle – relentless high-profile lawsuits, deficient planning, conservative communications and the resulting risk of negative attention – can be curtailed with foresight and premeditated action.

The 2016 report explores this opportunity and the factors that propagate the negative cycle. To view and download the report, please click here.

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