How We Work

Our Client Engagement Process

Greentarget’s seven-step Client Engagement Process ensures that we work efficiently to achieve tangible benefits for our clients.

It helps us quickly learn what’s important to our client’s leadership, as well as to their current and prospective customers.CEP

Flexible by design, our process also helps us provide a smooth transition from a prior agency, allowing us to get up to speed and start producing results as quickly as possible.

Employed regularly with all our clients, the process lets us evaluate communications programs to determine which are working successfully, and which are not delivering maximum returns on the organization’s investment.

Ultimately, the process ensures that the communications programs we create become and remain focused on achieving each company’s business-development and communications goals over the long term.

The value we provide typically falls into these three categories:

  • Increase market share and/or customer base
  • Position the organization and executives as a market leader
  • Enhance visibility and brand presence