Supporting Off-the-Clock Passions

Marissa skates into Blackhawks Ice Crew

I’ve been a Blackhawks fan all my life and I come from a hockey-crazy family, so making the team’s Ice Crew in 2013 fulfilled a dream I’d had as long as I can remember.Marissa_2

But I’m also very ambitious and even then I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to a career and to work with people who were passionate about their jobs.

I didn’t figure those jobs would let me spend 10 hours a week (a lot more sometimes) working home games and charity events with the Ice Crew. But then I found Greentarget.

Since my first day here, the entire team has not only allowed me to continue with my Hawks duties, but they’ve supported and encouraged me at every step. Firm leadership made it clear that if Ice Crew was something I love, they’d make whatever accommodations I needed. And I know the rest of the team is behind me too.

Nobody ever gives me the side-eye when they see me leaving a little early for a home game; my coworkers know I work hard here and they seem sincerely excited to see me indulging my love for the Hawks after hours.

Hockey season can be exhausting (I’m sometimes working at the United Center until midnight, and then back in the office by 8:00 the next morning) but I know how lucky I am to work in a place that allows me to do two things I love.